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  • U. S. Military Pocket Survival Guide: Plus Evasion . . .
    Free 5-8 business-day shipping within the U S when you order $25 of eligible items sold or fulfilled by Amazon
  • Panic of 1907 - Wikipedia
    The Panic of 1907 – also known as the 1907 Bankers' Panic or Knickerbocker Crisis – was a United States financial crisis that took place over a three-week period starting in mid-October, when the New York Stock Exchange fell almost 50% from its peak the previous year Panic occurred, as this was during a time of economic recession, and there were numerous runs on banks and trust companies
  • Retirement: How this stock market miracle could boost 401 . . .
    Retirement: How this stock market miracle could boost your 401(k) savings I’ve crunched data since long before PCs Simple fact: Come hell, hill or high water, the Standard Poor's 500 index has been positive in 87% of the fourth quarters of all midterm election years, ever
  • Bull market for stocks is turning 9. Could it become the . . .
    When it comes to longevity, Wall Street's current bull has some really good genes This bull market for stocks turns 9 on Friday It began March 9, 2009, the day U S stocks finally stopped falling after the worst market rout since the Great Depression It's now the second-longest bull in
  • Abraham Lincoln and Civil War Finance - Abraham Lincolns . . .
    Abraham Lincoln and Civil War Finance Economic Prelude to the War Chase and Union Finance 1861 – Borrowing 1861-62 Specie Problems The Cooke System
  • Midnight Rising: John Brown and the Raid That Sparked the . . .
    Midnight Rising: John Brown and the Raid That Sparked the Civil War [Tony Horwitz] on Amazon com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers A New York Times Notable Book for 2011 A Library Journal Top Ten Best Books of 2011 A Boston Globe Best Nonfiction Book of 2011 Late on the night of October 16
  • Book Review: Age of Em | Slate Star Codex
    [Note: I really liked this book and if I criticize it that’s not meant as an attack but just as what I do with interesting ideas Note that Robin has offered to debate me about some of this and I’ve said no – mostly because I hate real-time debates and have bad computer hardware – but you may still want to take this into account when considering our relative positions
  • New evidence exposes Hitler’s Secret Refuge after World . . .
    Shalev was not alone in his journey of discovering the new chapters of Hitler’s life after the war Initially, researcher Pablo Weschler came to him with this idea a decade ago, claiming that it was a hot topic in Argentina
  • History of the Poles in the United States - Wikipedia
    The history of Poles in the United States dates to the American Colonial era Poles have lived in present-day United States territories for over 400 years—since 1608 There are 10 million Americans of Polish descent in the U S today, making it the largest diaspora of Poles in the world Polish Americans have always been the largest group of Slavic origin in the United States

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