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  • Stock Market Analysis, Phi and the Fibonacci Sequence
    Phi (1 618), the Golden Mean and the numbers of the Fibonacci series (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, …) have been used with great success to analyze and predict stock market
  • Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio - Investopedia
    Mathematicians, scientists and naturalists have known this ratio for centuries It's derived from something known as the Fibonacci sequence, named after its Italian founder, Leonardo Fibonacci
  • What is the Fibonacci Sequence (aka Fibonacci Series . . .
    The relationship of the Fibonacci sequence to the golden ratio is this: The ratio of each successive pair of numbers in the sequence approximates Phi (1 618 ) , as 5 divided by 3 is 1 666…, and 8 divided by 5 is 1 60
  • Fibonacci Retracements [ChartSchool] - StockCharts. com
    The Fibonacci Retracements Tool at StockCharts shows four common retracements: 23 6%, 38 2%, 50%, and 61 8% From the Fibonacci section above, it is clear that 23 6%, 38 2%, and 61 8% stem from ratios found within the Fibonacci sequence
  • Fibonacci Fans [ChartSchool] - StockCharts. com
    This article is not designed to delve too deep into the mathematical properties behind the Fibonacci sequence and Golden Ratio There are plenty of other sources for this detail
  • Golden ratio - Wikipedia
    In mathematics, two quantities are in the golden ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities The figure on the right illustrates the geometric relationship Expressed algebraically, for quantities a and b with a > b > 0, + = = , where the Greek letter phi (or ) represents the golden ratio It is an irrational number with a value of:
  • Strategies for Trading Fibonacci Retracements - Investopedia
    In the "Liber Abaci," Fibonacci described the numerical series now named after him In the Fibonacci sequence of numbers, after 0 and 1, each number is the sum of the two prior numbers Hence, the
  • Maths IA – Maths Exploration Topics | IB Maths Resources . . .
    This is the British International School Phuket’s IB maths exploration (IA) page This list is for SL and HL students – if you are doing a Maths Studies IA then go to this page instead The authors of the latest Pearson Mathematics SL and HL books have come up with 200 ideas for students doing their maths explorations I have supplemented these with some more possible areas for investigation

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