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  • Signs of a stock market bubble - Business Insider
    ROSENBERG: These 10 classic signs show that the stock market is 'bubbly' This year, however, corporate insiders have been selling at the fastest pace in nearly 30 years The technicals are showing vulnerability From Monday through Thursday last week, the number of stocks making 52-week lows surpassed new highs
  • Stock Market Crash Warning Signs - Business Insider
    For as long as we've had a stock market, we've had the risk that it would crash In recent weeks, however, stocks have continued to roar to new all-time highs, far outpacing expectations for earnings growth As such, valuations have become frothy, and many signals are telling us that the market is being dominated by complacency and euphoria
  • Stock Market Crash Warning Signs - Business Insider
    Stocks are expensive relative to 10-year average earnings This ratio, popularized by Robert Shiller, is above 24, which is much higher than the long-term average of 16 Source: Robert Shiller, Business Insider 5
  • Bob Doll: The 3 Signs Of Market Bubbles - Business Insider
    BOB DOLL: Here Are The 3 Signs Of A Stock Market Bubble Jan 7, 2014, 2:57 PM REUTERS Earlier today, Nuveen's Bob Doll explained how he came to his 10 predictions for the markets in 2014 Regarding stocks, he thinks it should be another up-year for the market
  • The Stock Market Is Not A Bubble | Business Insider
    The rebound in the housing and stock markets have made people richer Long-term stock market returns have been rising sharply, but the levels are still modest Most of the bubble warning signs of the past haven't appeared yet The bull market isn't that old
  • Stock Market Bubbles Cannot Be Timed - Business Insider
    So, if we can’t really tell if a market is in a bubble, and if it is when it might burst, and assuming we don’t want to hold through such collapses, the best that can be done is to recognize when risk is high of at least an intermediate-term market correction, as many were successful in doing in regard to Apple’s stock, gold, and China
  • Stock bull market in danger of crash on 10th anniversary . . .
    "The decline doesn't have to be that large to create economic problems," McMillan told Business Insider by phone "If confidence were to take a hit, you could reasonably expect stock market
  • Market repeating mistakes of 1999 bubble - Business Insider
    The stock market may be in danger of repeating some very bad history The current market environment is looking a whole lot like the 1998-1999 stock market bubble, and the crash of 2000 may not be far behind, said Michael Hartnett of Bank of America Merrill Lynch "It could simply be 1998 99 all over again
  • STOCK MARKET CRASH: Here Are 14 Warning . . . - Business Insider
    STOCK MARKET CRASH: Here Are 14 Warning Signs That The Bubble Will Burst Citi, Business Insider The VIX is down 28% year-to-date In other words, 'fear' has crashed, which is another sign of
  • Two More Fresh Signs That Were In A Market Bubble . . .
    Here they are The first is Rock-Tenn, the paaper packaging company, whose stock is rising after announcing the acquisition of Smurfitt-Stone Now usually the acquirer's stock will fall, while the acquiree's stock will rise

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