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  • How to make Money in the Stock Market - Mr. Money Mustache
    I must admit my title for this article sounds scandalous and scammy, like something a Las Vegas-based email spam company would send out But it’s also completely accurate, because I really can teach you the best way to make money from the stock market all in one short blog post
  • We Sold the House! Here’s How I’m Investing the $400,000.
    Here we have backed up the time machine by exactly 20 years to look at the spring of my final year of high school What an unsustainable stock market we thought we had those days
  • How We Saved $1 Million Dollars and Became Financial . . .
    On Autopilot: Working Hard and Saving Money We were both lucky to have grown up in a wealthy, democratic country and have stable, loving families
  • The Rise Of Stealth Wealth: Ways To Stay Invisible From . . .
    Becoming wealthy has never been easier in America thanks to quantitative easing, improved financial education, an improving economy, a widening safety net, and a bull market in stocks and real estate Surviving as a wealthy person on the other hand, has never been tougher The government goes after you if you make much more than $200,000 a year (medicare tax, AMT, deduction phaseout, credit
  • Podcasts | Paul Merriman
    1 If I need income from my investments, am I better off investing in stocks paying a good dividend rather than bonds? 1:45 2 Is a 60% stocks 40% bonds balanced fund better than a target date fund? 11:35 3
  • HSA – The Ultimate Retirement Account - Mad Fientist
    The ultimate retirement account isn’t technically a retirement account If used wisely though, it could be one of the best places to put your money when saving for early retirement So what is it? It’s a Health Savings Account (HSA) An HSA is a tax-advantaged savings account available for

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