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  • Foreign Investment Review Board
    Indexation of application fees for 2018-19 Foreign investment application fees have been indexed for the 2017-18 year Revised fees will apply to applications made and notices given as of 1 July 2018
  • About FIRB – Foreign Investment Review Board
    About FIRB The Foreign Investment Review Board (the Board) is a non statutory body established in 1976 to advise the Treasurer and the Government on Australia’s Foreign Investment Policy (the Policy) and its administration
  • Somalilland Foreign Investment Law
    Background of the Somaliland Foreign Investment Law (written in 2008): The relevant Law was passed by both the Houses of Parliament in 2004 The President, however, did not sign raised two points in September 2004 - the first related to Article 5 about the composition of the Investment Board, which the President said ought to include the Director Generals of various other ministries and the
  • Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act
    U S House of Representatives passed a bill on Tuesday, July 10, expanding and increasing the powers of the CFIUS The bill is called the Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act, FIRRMA
  • Foreign Direct Investment In Real estate in India - Seth . . .
    Foreign Direct Investment in Real Estate in India – An Introduction Introduction: The size of the real estate industry in India is estimated to be around US$ 12 billion
  • Foreign Portfolio Investment Report
    The NSE Weekly Market Report presents a summary of all activities relating to securities trading on The NSE's market It includes detailed summary of securities traded in the week under review, company-specific financials, corporate actions and other announcements
  • U. S. National Security and Foreign Direct Investment . . .
    U S National Security and Foreign Direct Investment [Edward Graham, David Marchick] on Amazon com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers Although a vital part of the US economy, foreign direct investment (FDI) in the United States periodically raises public and congressional alarms―as witnessed during Dubai Ports World's recent bid to acquire US port operations and Chinese firm CNOOC's
  • About | Gregsecker
    THE LIFE OF GREG SECKER Master trader, entrepreneur, philanthropist and international speaker are just a few of the terms used to describe Greg Secker
  • U. S. Government Intervenes in Broadcom’s Bid for Qualcomm
    The U S government inserted itself into the technology industry’s biggest potential takeover, postponing a key shareholder vote on grounds that the deal could endanger the country’s
  • Attracting quality foreign direct investment in developing . . .
    Foreign direct investment (FDI) in developing countries has a bad reputation In some discussions, it is presented as tantamount to postcolonial exploitation of raw materials and cheap labour However, recent data shows that FDI in developing countries increasingly flows to medium and high-skilled manufacturing sectors, involving elevated income levels (Figure 1)

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