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  • Chinas Growth and Development: Assessing the Implications
    China's Development: Assessing the Implications CPDS 'South China' has dominated in determining strategy for China's growth and development since the post-Mao economic liberalization in the late 1970s - a dominance which funded the military aspirations of the 'north' However the 'southern' tactics may be no longer sustainable, and have
  • chinas development assessing the implications . . . - ukgm. org
    [0a7078] - Chinas Macao Transformed Challenge And Development In The 21st Century chinas development assessing the implications cpds home contact structural incompatibility puts global growth at risk are east asian economic models sustainable babes in the asian woods beyond the china choice reading
  • Chinas Pro-Poor Growth: Measurement and Implications . . .
    Pro-poor growth has been the preeminent strategic framework of the international development community because it describes relationships between growth, inequality, and poverty Assessing whether economic growth and income distributional changes are “pro-poor” has important policy implications and has become increasingly widespread in
  • [f5573e] - Transition And Development In China Towards . . .
    [f5573e] - Transition And Development In China Towards Shared Growth world banks systematic country diagnostic for china identifies challenges and opportunities for poverty reduction and shared prosperity beijing the world bank groups new chinas development assessing the implications
  • China Rising: Assessing China’s Economic And Military . . .
    Environmental challenges are often cited as imperiling China’s continued growth, but Keidel and Rawski held that, while the clean-up cost will be large and progress slow, China’s rapid growth also has produced resources and government revenues adequate to address the problems
  • China’s Rapid Growth and Development - paftad. org
    China’s Rapid Growth and Development: Openness to international trade and investment is an integral part of the Chinese reform process Within a relatively short timeframe (1978-2009) China has profoundly transformed the way in which it has been engaged with the rest of the world
  • Environmental Implications of Hotel Growth in China . . .
    Environmental implications of hotel growth in China: Integrating sustainability with hotel development Cornell Hospitality Reports, 16(12), 3-9 is Article is brought to you for free and open access by the e Center for Hospitality Research (CHR) at e Scholarly Commons
  • Slowdown in the People’s Republic of China: Structural . . .
    Slowdown in the People’s Republic of China: Structural Factors and the Implications for Asia The key question is whether the PRC’s economy will continue to slow and be trapped in slow growth, or whether its growth can re-accelerate The chapters in this volume focus on the root causes of the current slowdown and, in light of these,
  • China’s Approach to Economic Development and Industrial Policy
    China’s twelfth five-year plan could represent a watershed in the country’s pattern of economic development The broad objective of the plan is to reorient growth to make it more balanced and sustainable from different perspectives–economic, social and environmental
  • Assessing Innovation in China’s Digital Economy | Center . . .
    Assessing Innovation in China’s Digital Economy This report launch is part of the , and made possible by support from our partners: Microsoft Corporation, the General Electric Foundation, the United States Chamber of Commerce, the Semiconductor Industry Association, and the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

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